planeus team onboards new Egyptian manufacturer…


Read on to learn why they chose planeus and what were their concerns about digital production planning and shop floor control … could they apply to your company in the UK?


Question 1.


Before implementing planeus, what was your impression of having a production planning system?


“Before implementing planeus, we were quite cautious and somewhat sceptical about the idea of adopting a production planning system. It’s not that we didn’t see the potential benefits, but rather, we had some concerns that needed to be addressed. We were concerned about potential complexities in integration, the learning curve for our employees, and the costs involved.”


“However, we recognised the importance of modernizing our production planning and shop floor management and found planeus to be user-friendly and a worthwhile investment.”


Nour Shebita, Managing Director, ALDAWLIA


Question 2.


What were your biggest challenges as a panel building and sheet metal fabricator?


One of the main challenges we faced was inefficient production planning, which often led to delays in completing projects. We had difficulties streamlining and optimising our workflow on the shop floor, resulting in bottlenecks and inefficiencies that hindered smooth operations.


Another significant issue we encountered was the lack of real-time visibility into the status of ongoing projects. This made it difficult for us to react to new issues or make timely decisions to keep our projects on track.


Moreover, we relied heavily on manual data entry and spreadsheets to manage various operations.


This manual approach increased our risk of errors and consumed valuable time, slowing down the entire process.”


Question 3.


How did planeus improve your production planning and shop floor management processes?


“The automated scheduling in planeus allows us to create optimised and accurate production plans in a fraction of the time it used to take. Now, we can get started on projects more quickly, reducing delays and improving our overall turnaround time.


The real-time tracking and status updates in planeus have been proven invaluable to us. We now have a clear and instant view of the progress of ongoing projects. This has enabled us to identify any potential issues early on and take proactive measures to address them before they even take place.


Last but not least, planeus provides us with valuable data-driven insights and analytics. By leveraging these insights, we now have full advantage to further optimise our processes and enhance overall productivity.


Overall, planeus has significantly improved our production planning and shop floor management processes. It brought about many positive changes that streamlined our operations and boosted overall efficiency“


Introducing planeus, cloud based digital planning, scheduling and production control software that connects to your existing ERP system and gives you the power to plan ALL of your order and project requirements.


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