planeus - Your Manufacturing Software of Tomorrow...

Langcroft Consultancy are the sole UK Partner for planeus, the unique and  powerful cloud based graphical planning and scheduling system.

Just some of planeus’ powerful features:

  • Connect to existing ERP systems to create Gantt chart plans
  • Has factory routing with resource feedback to give real time (start / interruption / completion) updates back to the manufacturing plan
  • It will even report yield, waste and length of operational running time
  • Get rid of mind-boggling Excel spreadsheets and decades old software
  • Visualise your manufacturing processes, optimise production plans and adapt to situations in real time


Do you want to improve your planning and scheduling and link your process machines back to a smart gantt chart, which will even tell you where the current and future conflicts are?

Then, please click the link above for a FREE TRIAL or below to arrange a CALL with us.

planeus devices
planeus graph