Langcroft Consultancy are a Referral Partner for Singlepoint QMS

Singlepoint is a rapidly adaptable no-code QMS and compliance platform that helps manufacturing and engineering businesses continually improve processes, reinforce a culture of compliance and drive quality from a single source of truth.

Cost effectively configure and adapt workflows using its intuitive and powerful no code editor.

Engage every employee with the right information using the simple UI and unique visual navigator

Define, organise and track a single source of truth by utilising the comprehensive range of modules and customisation options so you can migrate any kind of existing process into a single globally accessible system.

Deploy flexibly, integrate effortlessly – Singlepoint can be rapidly deployed on any infrastructure setup, whether that’s on premise, private cloud or public cloud, putting you fully in control of your data and security. Our flexible API setup also allows you to configure custom APIs to push and pull data from other systems.

Access business intelligence in real time – the integrated reporting tool Radar BI offers an easy, affordable business intelligence tool for executives and business users which connects to a multitude of data sources including CRMs, ERPs and accounting systems

Seamlessly migrate from any system – With rapid import capabilities, Singlepoint can import and process thousands of documents in hours rather than days or weeks.

If you are looking to change or improve your stock control and move away from site-based legacy systems contact us for expert advice.


Key Features

Cost effectively configure and adapt workflows 

Our QMS software includes an intuitive and powerful no-code editor which allows users to build on top of our base compliance, health, and safety and QMS modules. Users can create their own bespoke workflows from scratch or engage our professional services team to deliver customised solutions. This flexibility ensures you can quickly adapt your QMS software to match business needs both now and in the future.  

Engage every employee with the right information 

Our unique visual navigator allows employees to rapidly access and easily navigate complex layers of information through an image-based interface. This visual display brings documents and processes to life within the context of an employee’s physical working environment. The clean and accessible user interface ensures employees with any level of digital experience can quickly access key information. Singlepoints native document control system also allows you to easily track and evidence employees that are engaging with the right version of every document, this can even be linked to competency and training matrices.  

Define, organise, and track a single source of truth 

Our comprehensive range of modules and customisation options ensures you can migrate any kind of existing process into a single, globally accessible system. This centralisation allows you to track every action to reduce compliance and audit risks while enabling continuous improvement throughout every aspect of your business. Singlepoint also provides complete control over access and permissions, allowing you to ensure the right information is available, to the right person, every single time. 

Fair use licence policy 

Single point has a less stringent fair use licence policy than some software systems. This means they will never lock you out of the system due to insufficient licence numbers, so if you have 5 licences, they will not stop the 6th user entering and using the system. We track your usage over a 12-month period, and this provides us with a true concurrent licence number. We find this approach is a much fairer way of licencing Singlepoint products. This is a real unique selling point for us as it allows our customers to grow into the system without having to pay for licences that are not being used. In addition to this, it also allows our customers to trial additional modules without having to purchase additional licences straight away.  

Examples of Singlepoint Usage