Cost Savings: 

The company has reduced the time required for production planning, they are now able to efficiently allocate critical resources such as large stamping facilities to reduce operating costs. 

planeus also helped BMW Group to identify areas of waste in the production process, which led to a reduction in material waste. 

Production Gains: 

planeus helped improve the efficiency of their prototyping process, which led to increased speed of their innovation process. 



BMW Group is the leading player in the automotive industry with a global and long-standing reputation.

planeus fulfills the need for information transparency, speeds up BMW Group’s prototyping and production workflow, and maintains its world-leading innovative processes.


Time is of the essence in innovation.

To do so, BMW Group needs to coordinate the progress across different sites, which heavily rely on the information.

For instance, the toolmaking site requires accurate and up-to-date information on the specifications and design of the components.

Similarly, the sampling site demands real-time information on the quality and performance of the products being produced.

BMW Group hopes to speed up the information flow within its innovation processes.


planeus supports BMW Group as:

An organizational structure that fits all the production requirements

The bespoke nature and onboarding process of planeus ensures the system fully suits the scale and needs of the company and its premium standards. 

A fast and effective information acquisition system

The Planning module provides a clear overview of all ongoing and upcoming projects, updating their status with complete transparency.

This helps the teams and divisions of BMW Group acquire critical information quickly and effectively.

A tailor-made data curation and delivery process for individual employees

The integrated Workbench module empowers shopfloor employees to perform their job and make informed decisions.

Workers receive up-to-date, customized information about their tasks, allowing them to quickly react to changes, lowering production costs, and saving precious time and resources.

A driving force for a better, more efficient manufacturing process

The welcoming design and intuitive interface of planeus offer every team member a quick and easy operation. This helps to keep the various teams within BMW Group functioning at peak performance and optimizes their daily tasks.


“With planeus, every employee can now see which tasks are pending and how best to respond to changes of plan.”

Manager of Dimension Deviation, BMW Group Plant Munich

planeus speeds up the innovation workflow of BMW Group, as workers can receive needed information, respond quickly to changes in plans, and prioritize their tasks accordingly.

The uniform model of planeus also opened a new opportunity for BMW Group to further integrate its external and internal partners and suppliers into the sampling process.

Overall, the system has provided BMW Group with valuable insights into their operations, enabling them to work more effectively and achieve their goals more efficiently.

The potential of future production planning is now more visible than ever.