Cost Savings: 

The company was able to reduce its production costs.

planeus has also shortened its throughput time, resulting in a reduction in storage costs.

Revenue Growth:

The company generated more revenue due to the increase in production efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.



engionic Fiber Optics GmbH has been designing and manufacturing tailor-made fibre optic light guide solutions and sensors for 30 years.

The company provides a wide range of optical fibre components, including optical fibres, optical fibre amplifiers, optical fibre sensors, optical fibre transmission systems, and more.

planeus improved its shop floor data collection and production planning amid the high complexity of engionic’s day-to-day production process.


Given the complexity of their workflows, the precision required in their products, and the wide range of products they offer, engionic has very high standards when it comes to selecting production planning software.

The company has been searching for a solution that can effectively support its business operations in both production planning and shop floor data collection.


planeus supports engionic with:

A comprehensive overview and user-friendly interface.
engionic Fiber Optics chose planeus over other production planning systems due to its detailed overview and intuitive UI.

A well-suited and straightforward solution for shop floor data collection.
The Workbench Module provides engionic with a tailor-made, highly customizable solution for shop floor data collection processes, significantly improving the quality and quantity of the feedback from the workers in the assembly lines. 

An overall highly-qualified software solution for complex tasks.
Despite the high standards of engionic’s software curation process, planeus emerged as the best choice to support engionic in their needs of production planning and shop floor data collection.

And after years of use, engionic believes planeus is: “a worthwhile investment for the entire business, the organizational structure for production, and most notably, the teamwork.”


“Workbench Module is a simple and well-suited solution for our manufacturing data collection purposes and has significantly improved the quality and quantity of the feedback from our workers.”
– M. Kampling, Member of the Executive Board of engionic Fiber Optics GmbH

From order scheduling to machine scheduling and capacity management, planeus has improved engionic Fiber Optics’s structure planning and production efficiency.

With planeus, employees at engionic Fiber Optics believe these improvements would undoubtedly remain in the future.