Cost Savings: 

The company was able to reduce the cost of it’s manufacturing operation.

planeus successfully optimized its machine utilization rate, resulting in a reduction in throughput time.


Revenue Growth:

The company saw an increase in revenue due to improved production efficiency and reduced throughput time.

The company can now take on more projects and expand its customer base, contributing to its future revenue growth.





With more than 40 years of experience and 3 generations of heirs, Deinzermetall is a leading company in the German metal industry, delivering high-quality metal products around the world.

Deinzermetall has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the industry, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.




Specializing in the processing of sheet metal, Deinzermetall needs to ensure that its products meet the exact specifications and requirements set forth by its clients.

The company needs a solution that can be implemented in a short time frame to help meet its client’s needs and improve the company’s efficiency.

The company was also in need of diminishing the use of paper during production and being able to evaluate its production departments in a more precise and concrete way.




planeus supports Deinzermetall with:

A well-organized and efficient On-boarding process
“Their training and onboarding sessions were exceptionally well-organized, and the guidance was so straightforward that we could start actively using the system in a short time.”

A preventive measure against production conflicts
“In planeus, Conflict Radar helps us to recognize scheduling problems before they even hit us.”

An accurate and digital depiction of complex production structure
“The Assembly module allows us to illustrate our complex components in a clear and structured tree diagram.”

A powerful and paper-less shop floor management system
“The Workbench enables us with all required information at our fingertips, no paper needed.” 




“The planeus team is a competent partner with whom we have taken the steps into digitization. Thanks to the team’s outstanding support, the solution was quickly integrated into our system without any problems.”
– Viktor Sorokin, Job Manager of Deinzermetall GmbH

In conclusion, planeus has significantly improved its production processes and allowed them to work paperless, and evaluate its production more accurately, shortening throughput time and production costs.

Deinzermetall is highly pleased with the results and recommends planeus as a competent and reliable partner for their digital transformation.