Finnsworth Ltd


Finnsworth, based in North West London specialises in customised plastic and construction products for the construction industry. They offer a variety of products including Nylon & Plastic Wall Plugs, Aluminium Packers, Cable Clips, and more, with new products like Wedge Packer WP45 and Specialist Load Bearing Packers recently introduced


Finnsworth used a legacy accounts and sales order system that had no planning, resource scheduling and shop floor control. They relied heavily on manual processes to plan and schedule work. 

The combination of old legacy system and manual processes was becoming too inefficient.

They have many infection moulding machines and needed to optimise their workload and flow..


Replacing their legacy system with Unleashed and planeus to provide a powerful cloud based work flow solution.

Unleashed allows a flexible cloud based core system, for sales orders, purchase order and inventory control that then connects to their accounts system and has integration to e-commerce.

Planeus also integrates to Unleashed and utilises Unleashed product data and production order (assemblies) data to allow planning, resource scheduling, routing and shop floor data capture. 

The Finnsworth production team can now see their ‘work too lists’ (via browser windows on pc an tablets) that have been planned, which when started show in real time on the master production gantt chart plan. Once completed in planeus the assembly is also completed in Unleashed. 

The ‘sales to production process’ is now streamlined in a cloud environment.